Regional Association of Romani Settlements

The Regional Association of Romani Settlements is an apolitical and voluntary body representing a number of Romani communities in the eastern Slovak Prešov region. The Association was set up in 2002 in order to give a voice to the members of often isolated rural settlements which are particularly plentiful in this region. Lacking an adequate political culture of their own, and often marginalized by the municipal authorities to which they formally belong, these rural communities are plagued by a multitude of problems which set them apart from neighbouring ethnic Slovak villages. Whether these are high unemployment rates, sub-standard housing, inadequate access to formal education, or poverty-related social conflicts, the problems faced by rural Roma are similar, but their solution is rarely addressed in a wider context. It is the mandate of the Regional Association to help its members tackle these common problems by providing a suitable forum for collective action.

The Association functions as a lobby which connects community associations based in rural settlements with one another as well as with local, regional, and state-level administrations. Membership is open to incorporated or emerging NGOs, which are organized in regional clusters. The Association provides support in these areas:

The Association is coordinated by the Regional Centre for Romani Issues and forms part of the larger Canadian project managed by The University College of the Cariboo with financial support from the Canadian International Development Agency. Its membership consists of the following organizations:

1. The Kežmarok cluster
Civic Association Šamír of Ihľany
Civic Association Mlyn of Jurské
Civic Association Romintegra 7777 of To
Rómske občianske združenie v Toporci (predseda Ján Pompa)
Civic Association Podhorany of Podhorany

2. The Bardejov cluster
Civic Association Perseus of Petrová
Civic Association Olympia of Cigelka
Emerging NGO in Frička
Emerging NGO in Nižný Tvarožec

3. The Prešov cluster
Civic Association Wyfalu of Pečovská Nová Ves
Civic Association Terne Čave of Kendice
Civic Association Devleskere droma of Varhaňovce
Civic Association Community Centre SPOLU of Chminianské Jakubovany
Emerging NGO SUNO in Svinia
Emerging NGO in Tuhriná
Emerging NGO in Malý Slivník
Emerging NGO in Červenica
Emerging NGO in Žehňa

4. The Hanušovce cluster
Civic Association Nadenáš of Soľ
Civic Association Terno jilo of Skrabske
Civic Association Romano khamoro of Giraltovce
Emerging NGO in Bystré
CEmerging NGO in Vyšný Žipov